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Building Wealth! (Mind-Training Business Acceleration Bundle)


This specially designed mind-conditioning 3-Pack will motivate and empower you to succeed!  Why struggle with willpower when you can literally “train your brain” to ACT in ways that lead to greater success and abundance!

“I Am A Sales Superstar!” 
(Subliminal Video)

This specially designed subliminal video provides a unique combination of hypnotic affirmations and influential-positioning strategies that build confidence, while enhancing your ability to sell through serving!

Sit back, click play, and slip into a relaxing state as you view the soothing images and listen to the empowering affirmations and ideas that inspire you into action!


“I Am A Money Magnet!”
(Brain Software For The Road)

This delightful “Brain Software For The Road” program will help you tap into the Law of Attraction, so that instead of chasing prosperity, you discover how to “draw it to you” like a magnet!

This specially designed mind-conditioning affirmations program will fill your mind with wealth-creating ideas that naturally increase inspiration, motivation, and the desire to follow through on money generating activities.

Prioritizing, staying focused on what matters most, recognizing hidden opportunities, adding value to the lives of those you serve, and creating a strong presence are all key factors when building wealth and abundance! This program will help in every one of these areas!



Building Wealth!” (Brain Software)

Use this “mind-conditioning” audio program to attract wealth and abundance! You will be subconsciously persuaded to behave in a prosperity-attracting manner that can increase abundance while raising your energetic vibration!

Each program is designed to influence your reality creating Subconscious mind in different ways. Through utilizing video, positive affirmations (made for listening to while driving), and self-hypnosis (Brain Software), you’ll be supercharging your mind with insights and strategies for attracting prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life!






Individual Results Vary. There is no guarantee that using any of these programs will benefit you. They are for educational purposes only. Your results will depend on the actions you take.