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Speaking With Ease (Speaker Success Coaching Program)

If the thought of standing up and speaking to groups makes you shutter, this program is a must!

You will be led through several Peak Performance strategies that will transform you into a confident public speaker!

Those who have the ability to work a crowd become successful twice as fast as those who cannot. You’ll learn the secrets of top speakers so you come across with confidence and ease.

You’ll be able to speak clearly while feeling relaxed and focused, regardless of how many people are in the room.

j0289528This Program Includes:

Coaching Session #1: Turning Fear Into Power!
Strategies for preparing your material.

Coaching Session #2: “Brain-Training” Exercises

Reframing & Swish Patterns

Coaching Session #3: Peak Performance Exercises
Anchoring & Circle Of Excellence

Coaching Session #4: Brain Software For The Road
Affirmations – Listen while driving or anytime!

Author and award-winning speaker, Tim Shurr, will reveal the same strategies that helped him and so many others overcome the fear of public speaking. You’ll greatly benefit from the sage advice and practical strategies in this coaching system!