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Why We Need Core Values!

In this video, Tim Shurr (Human Behavior Specialist, TEDx Speaker, Mesmerizing Leadership Strategist) shares how the Core Values of your company, and family, become your compass for navigating tough decisions and conversations.

Your values can also be used as a transformative onboarding experience, as a way to ignite employee engagement, to increate the attraction and retention of top talent, and to improve relationships and effective communication across the board!

The best companies and organizations in the world use Core Values to drive operational excellence, customer service and employee satisfaction. This, in turn, drives profitability at a greater rate than any other determining factor!

Tim then switches gears and shares how powerful it is to have a clear Mission Statement and set of guiding Core Values for our family and in our marriage (and/or friendships.)

Establishing a clear set of agreed upon (co-created) boundaries improves respectful communication, transparency and kindness…especially when we find ourselves in stress-filled situations.

Please share this video with your HR Team, VP of Business Development, VP of Leadership Development, President, CEO and members of your Leadership Team.

Create discussions around these ideas and you’ll spark new insights, energy and thoughful dialogues that will bring tons of value into your organization, and its people!

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