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Playing Like A Champion! (Audio)

Champions realize how important their mental attitude is. You’ve got to master the “inner game” if you’re going to excel in sports.

Olympic athletes and top professionals repeatedly condition themselves mentally as well as physically. Once you’ve got the mechanics down, the rest happens in your head!

Playing Like A Champion provides 3 powerful peak performance sessions that lead you through a variety of exercises designed to unleash your full potential. This program also includes a bonus program for getting psyched-up and in the zone!

Whether your game is golf, gymnastics, baseball, basketball, football, wrestling, swimming, or equestrian sports, Playing Like A Champion will give you the mental edge!

Great program for ages 15 and up. Listen regularly and enjoy a more explosive performance.

It’s also great for taking pressure off and reducing stress. Many of our athletes have been rising stars who’ve had difficulty handling the media exposure. Others were injured and had a challenging time getting back in the zone.

If this is you, get Playing Like A Champion and you’ll quickly find your groove!


Use this specially designed “mind conditioning” brain software transform the quality of your life almost instantly! This program will ease you into a deep, relaxing state, and then feed your subconscious mind powerful success-creating affirmations. These empowering suggestions have been used in thousands of coaching sessions and are proven to produce results!

You will experience an intense feeling of personal power as this CD programs your Subconscious Mind to achieve the goals you desire! Once your powerful, persistent mind knows what you want, it won’t stop until it achieves the desired results!

Sit back, relax, and let your brain do the work for you.
Claim this program today and start making your dreams a reality!