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Mesmerizing Leadership & Sales Keynote Speaker Tim Shurr

3 Reasons to Choose Tim as Your “Mesmerizing Leadership & Sales” Keynote Trainer

  1. Your audience will receive dozens of practical tools and strategies that produce almost instantaneous results! Tim has studied human behavior and what drives us at an unconscious level for almost 3 decades and has facilitated over 10,000 personal coaching sessions. His keynotes, breakouts, and seminars address the exact struggles people experience at work and home. You will be given effective solutions for overcoming any obstacle.
  2. You’ll get an extremely high level of group participation as Tim takes audience members through a series of thought-provoking experiences that create powerful transformations and a lasting ROI for your company, organization, franchise, or association.
  3. You will have a blast! Tim has an uncanny ability of “reading people” and he talks about issues that everyone can relate to. He also knows that people learn best when going through emotional experiences that end in roars of laughter and goodwill. You’ll love his heart-felt stories, hilarious antidotes, and proven tips that leave audiences feeling motivated, inspired, and committed to applying what they’ve learned.



Tim’s Most Requested Keynote Topics

All of Tim's program can be facilitated as keynotes and/or breakout sessions. They can also be customized for those in leadership, HR, sales, or team building.


What’s the #1 Secret to Boosting Productivity and Retaining Top Talent?

Empowering your leaders with mesmerizing communication skills! The biggest challenge (and opportunity) for companies, organizations, or franchises is how leaders connect with employees. You can have great slogans, core-values posted on the wall, and bagels Monday morning, but if your staff doesn’t feel supported, understood, or valued, none of that will matter! Leadersand middle management, in particular, are under constant pressure to hit their numbers, which leaves people thinking, “I don’t have time to develop relationships with my team properly!” Tim Shurr will significantly increase your persuasive communication skills, which will facilitate greater impact, loyalty, and employee commitment. Leaders will acquire dozens of practical strategies for creating stronger relationships through high-level listening and communication tactics that eliminate silos, gossip, mistrust, and disrespectful communication.  Your leaders will discover exactly how to cultivate a positive, trusting atmosphere where engagement, morale, and innovation flourish.

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