Blind Spots, Barriers & Breakthroughs In Organizational Cultures

How To Build An Unstoppable Culture!

Organizations who invest in the growth of their people remain relevant and sustainable for the long-term. Yet, even with a great Mission statement and defined Core Values, many companies struggle with getting employees to contribute beyond the status quo. During this game-changing program, leaders will be given an outline and set of clear principles for transforming your people into a company of givers who feel compelled to contribute at a higher level because of the culture you’ve created!

Some of What You’ll Learn:

  • How to identify and eliminate common culture blind spots in your organization.
  • 5 principles for transforming any employee into a committed team player!
  • Why having fun and getting employees to play together is a strong component of unstoppable cultures!


Transform Go-Getters Into Go-Givers! High-performing teams are often rewarded for being ME-focused instead of WE-focused, which significantly reduces productivity, innovation and morale because of competition, poor communication, information hoarding and finger pointing. You’ll learn how to unite your employees through cross-functional team building, correcting false assumptions, and increasing collaboration among the ranks!

Bring Tim to your next event or have him work directly with your organizational leaders to supercharge your culture!