Everyone Is An Innovator

How to Get Everyone Committed to Constant and Never-Ending Improvement!

You need creative strategies for continuously improving your product/service, marketing messages, and customer experiences. Innovative thought leader, Tim Shurr, will take you through a series of brain-conditioning experiences designed to help you cultivate the untapped potential of your unconscious mind.

Takeaways Include:

  • Why organizations struggle with developing sustainable innovation and what you can do to triumph over these obstacles.
  • How self-limiting beliefs interfere with creative thinking. Examples include, “I’m not very imaginative.” “That’s not my job.” “Nobody listens to me, so why bother?” “I’m too busy.”
  • How to eliminate dysfunctional communication and foster a culture of creative collaboration where everyone contributes, rather than a chosen few.
  • Ten proven strategies for maximizing everyday innovation.
  • 30-Day Innovation Goal, so participants apply what was learned once the program has concluded.

The Innovative Mindset demonstrates how creativity is significantly impacted by what individuals believe, how they communicate with themselves, and how they relate to others.

Two Primary Objectives: 

  1. Help participants remove limiting beliefs and barriers that halt innovation and individual contribution.
  2. Provide new tips and tricks for stimulating innovative thinking using Subconscious Stimulation.

Through inspiring stories, good-hearted humor, and shared group experiences, Tim will equip and empower you with proven formulas for creating an accountable, innovative workforce! 

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