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Power Coaching Session With Tim Shurr

This 60-minute intensive coaching session with Tim Shurr is the fastest, most effective way to make significant breakthroughs both personally and professionally. Tim will help you understand what’s been holding you back and the shift your beliefs while fine-tuning your sales and marketing messages.The remainder of your time will be focused on applying the time-tested, cutting edge strategies Tim has helped hundreds of people significantly improve their results. By this end of your session, you will feel more confident, empowered, and prepared. If you do not feel that you’re getting exciting results within the first 15-minutes, you’ll receive a full refund. Our goal is to deliver you superior results in a short period of time, to help catapult your career!

You will be contacted by our office to schedule your Power Coaching session with Tim Shurr once this option is selected. If you’d like to speak with Tim prior to selecting this service, please contact our office. (317) 502-5293.