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Incredible Self-Esteem (Brain Software)


Incredible Self-Esteem is a program I put a lot of heart and soul in to. Insecurity is the biggest dis-ease on the planet. The fear that we are somehow “not enough,” drives so many of the fears, poor choices, and problematic behaviors that cause us to mistrust ourselves and each other.

Originally, this program was created to help with my own fears of inadequacy. Most people, these days, wouldn’t think that I had problems with self-esteem. They see me on TV or up on the big stage, yet aren’t aware of the struggles I faced as a kid, and even sometimes now as an adult.

When creating this program, I read every book I could find on self-esteem and began creating affirmations based on those materials. I also wrote down all the fears I had and the corresponding “positive” beliefs I wished I had. After compiling a long list of affirmations, I began reading them to myself every night. At least, that was my plan to read them every night. Yet, there were more nights where I forgot to read my list, so the good feelings that started coming slipped away.

In 1990, I began studying hypnosis courses and eventually found a school where I became certified as a “Professional Hypnotherapist.” I learned specific ways to craft suggestions so they were more readily accepted by one’s subconscious mind, the reality-creating part of your brain. Soon after, I created the first draft of Incredible Self-Esteem and found that it brought about faster results than just reading or repeating the affirmations out loud.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s very important and useful to regularly say or hear positive affirmations because it gives you the ability to direct your mind in a positive direction. Otherwise, if idle hands are the work of the devil, so is an idle mind!

That’s why I originally created Incredible Self-Esteem – Brain Software For The Road. I wanted to surround myself, and my clients, in positive energy without requiring a lot of extra time. Thus, I put together a program that could be listened to while walking, driving, doing the dishes, or at any other time.

As the years went by, I realized most people secretly struggle with the same types of fears and worries. I also began noticing specific thinking patterns and observed which hypnotic affirmations seemed to produce the best results for clients. Over the next twenty years, I complied the best hypnotic imagery, exercises, and suggestions and put them into this program you’re now reading about.

Incredible Self-Esteem (Brain Software) should be handed to every child at birth! If everyone believed the suggestions within this program, this world would become more loving and compassionate. It’s helped young children, senior citizens, and everyone in between. It will help YOU build stronger self-esteem and confidence as well, just as it did for me.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Building incredible self-esteem step to creating your life by design.

I hope you enjoy it and I’m honored to play a smart part in your life…

Thanks for reading!


Tim Shurr, MA
President, Shurr ! Success, Inc.