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Emotional Mastery: Turning Fear Into Power! (Audiobook)

Emotional Mastery is a high-energy 80-minute coaching session with peak performance expert, Tim Shurr, MA. During this fun and exciting program, Tim will show you how to use the power of your mind and body to access powerful resource states so you can feel calm, confident, or totally driven within seconds!

You’ll learn how to shift your mental focus, what to say to yourself to gain outstanding momentum, and how to position your body for maximum energy! If you struggle with worry, fears, self-doubt, or low energy, get this program right now. It will help you tremendously!

Many of Tim’s programs are soothing and relaxing. Yet, his live programs are energetic and humorous. So his clients asked for a program that captured that dynamic energy so they could feel “pumped up” any time they wanted. This program delivers just that!