Thought-Leader & Communication Expert,
Tim Shurr, Will Transform YOU Into An Extraordinary Leader!

Who is Tim Shurr? 
Tim is an award-winning Leadership Keynote Speaker, top Indy Motivational Speaker, peak performance coach, author, and world-renowned communication expert who is transforming the way people connect with themselves and each other. As President and CEO of Shurr Success, Inc., a personal and professional development company, Tim maximizes the effectiveness of leaders, sales teams, and cultures through increasing values-based communication.

With advanced degrees in psychology and 25 years as a hypnosis and NLP trainer, Tim has an uncanny ability to recognize and shift self-limiting beliefs and habits that operate at an unconscious level, which rapidly accelerates your true potential! With numerous Fortune 500 clients, dozens of network television appearances, and over 50 personal development programs, Tim’s efforts have helped companies and entrepreneurs produce millions of dollars in revenue while skyrocketing engagement and morale!


Tim equips executives, managers, supervisors, and sales professionals with extraordinary leadership and influential communication skills that skyrocket productivity, job satisfaction, and profitability! Tim rapidly identifies and shifts unconscious beliefs and habits, which leads to profound self-awareness, personal maturity, and professional growth! This is how Tim Shurr consistently produces measurable results in both bottom line revenue and employee/customer satisfaction survey scores!


Are your leaders noticing every opportunity to strengthen the relationships, productivity, and morale of your employees? How confident are you that your salespeople are “reading” their customers, using strategic rapport skills to close more sales, and applying subconscious influence to generate massive referrals?

Executives realize how important relationships and morale are to the BOTTOM LINE. Yet, most leaders continue to struggle with the demands of both “hitting their numbers” and “living the values.” Mergers, constant change, the high-stress of a performance-driven economy, and inefficient communication skills from the C- Suite, managers, or salespeople who’ve received no training inpsychological influence” or intrinsic motivation, constantly plagues your organizations growth!

Many have relied on personality testing to correct this, yet because your employees recognize what letter/color describes their personality, it doesn’t improve limiting beliefs or missed opportunities that sabotage performance & profitability! 


The Key To Increasing Profits!

Great companies and organizations realize the key increasing profits is being able to adapt with the times. Yet, many companies are met with resistance and “change reluctance” from management and employees. We can help you overcome this resistance in a way that empowers people, so they support your efforts!

The SECRET to organizational success is recognizing and shifting self-limiting beliefs and habits in your people! Only through developing emotional intelligence and recognizing the strength in diversity, are you able to cause sustainable growth for years to come!


Personal Message from Tim Shurr

tim-new-deskI never planned on working with companies to improve corporate cultures, leadership skills, or high-powered sales teams. I’m a kid from a small town in Northwest Indiana. I grew up with farms on the left of me and Chicago skyscrapers on the right, which is probably one of the reasons why I seem to connect with anyone I meet.

Because of the challenges I had with anxiety growing up, I decided to pursue Clinical Psychology. Yet, I found many of the interventions moved too slowly. I wanted to create and experience change RIGHT NOW! That led me into the fields of peak performance. There I found strategies that allowed me to create results for others within minutes, where it might have taken years with the other approaches! I focused my efforts on becoming an expert in helping people with post-traumatic stress, and I got really good at it!

As my reputation kept building, along with the radio and TV appearances, I attracted more high-performance clients who were struggling with the same challenges we all tend to face. Company Presidents, CEO’s, VP’s, HR Directors, and Sales Managers filled my calendar. Often after just a couple sessions, these folks were feeling so good, they’d ask if I’d talk to their employees. It would go something like this. “You think you could get my sales guys to make more calls or get along better with others?” I’d say, “Sure.” I didn’t know how to do a “corporate training,” so I just went into the room where the team was gathered, and did my thing.

What was my thing? I’d start “reading” the room. You can tell a HUGE amount about others just by their eye movements and body language. I’d ask what people where struggling with, they’d tell me, and I’d start shifting the beliefs or behaviors right then and there. Apparently this is not typical in a business program. Most speakers go through their powerpoint presentations and save questions for the end. If people are looking for an answer, they are directed to find it in the book the speaker is selling!

My peak performance coach taught me that I should only refer to a powerpoint when we’ve run out of things to shift with the audience, which rarely happens! That’s the best way to describe why my keynotes and seminars are so much different than the rest. After facilitating more than 8,000 individual coaching sessions over the last 28 years, I’ve learned that people don’t change from receiving more information. They shift beliefs and emotional drivers from going through EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES that leave a lasting impression.

MY MISSION is to teach as many people as possible how to love themselves more and respect others better! Our unconscious fears and hidden anxiety keep us from truly being OUTWARD-FOCUSED. Even if you have employees who are “givers,” they often hold back because of the “takers” they are surrounded by. I CAN help transform your culture into a powerful team of GIVERS who will outperform your lone-wolf’s every day of the week! I’m devoting the next 15 years of my life to helping companies and organizations supercharge their people, which drives productivity and profitability like nothing else, because when the Emotional Intelligence of your people increases, they take those new values and communication skills home with them. Thus, they become better workers, parents, spouses, and community members! With the advances of technology, the “HUMAN TOUCH” is needed now more than ever!

I’d be happy to provide a keynote that entertains your audience. Yet, I’d much rather entertain and entrance your people in an experience that will provide evergreen results for years to come. I want to make a substantial difference in the lives of you, your people, and their families! As I’ve learned from the giants in my field, companies don’t grow, people do!

Thanks for reading! I hope to meet you in person real soon.”

Tim Shurr, MA
President, Shurr ! Success, Inc. 

Tim didn’t just make our company better. He made us better people!

Troy Hanna

President, Central Restaurant Products