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Designing Miracles – 4 Steps To Achieving Any Goal!

If you’d like to achieve your BIG goals faster and easier, check out this program I did for the Walk The Talk group ( at The Vogue in Indianapolis, IN. I share 4 specific steps for manifesting miracles in your life and personal success stories from those who have prospered from these prosperity principles. Enjoy! Want more? Click here.

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Is Your BS Keeping You Stuck?

  Your beliefs about yourself, others, and the world around you determine whether you will succeed or fail in life. Positive thinking is not enough because you won’t believe what you’re telling yourself. It’s like cutting the top off of a weed. You need to get to the root system or the weed will just keep growing back! In this video, I’ll teach you how to uncover self-limiting beliefs and upgrade them so you can fully become the brilliant human being that you are!   Want more? Click here.

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The Hero’s Journey!

  If you have struggled in life, or are experiencing setbacks on your way to achieving goals, it’s because you are on what I refer to as, “The Hero’s Journey.”  Click on the video below to learn what this journey is and why YOU are such a big deal! WARNING: In the video, I lead you through one of my infamous “brain-training” sessions, so if you’re not into feeling awesome, don’t watch this!   Want more? Click here.

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3 Steps To Getting More Done In Less Time!

Greetings! Have you ever felt like you were working your butt off and not getting anywhere? It’s easy to get distracted or overwhelmed when you have so much going on. As I get older, I’m realizing that time is precious and I can’t get back wasted hours. So I studied several time management courses and distilled the best advice down into 3 Steps for Getting Stuff Done! BTW, if you enjoy this, please SHARE it with your friends. Thank you! Tim Tim Shurr, MA President, Shurr ! Success Seminars Leadership & Sales Keynote Speaker & Consultant (317) 502-5293  PS, Here’s the link to the 4 Pillars of Success series I mention in this video. –>

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Developing Mental Toughness – Interview

Hi Friend! Recently, I began interviewing successful people in a variety of fields to uncover their secrets to success, both personally and professionally. The goal is to learn how successful people think and what they have done to grow their businesses. Since most want to know how to 1) Be happy and 2) Make more money, the interviews focus on those two areas. The other day, I had the good fortune of interviewing my friend, Dr. Rob Bell, who is a top Sports Psychology Coach and author of 4 books. We had a great time discussing the keys to mental toughness and Rob offered solid tips on growing your business as well. Enjoy the interview! Dr. Rob Bell is a certified consultant of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. He has PGA Tour credentials as a Sport Psychology consultant, has coached winners on the PGA Tour and caddied on Tour…

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5 Love Strategies That’ll Spark Your Marriage!

How’s your relationship with your spouse or significant other? Are you both feeling connected, trusting, and flirty? Or, do you feel like all you’ve got is a nagging roommate? These 5 Communication Strategies Will Bring The Passion Back Into Your Relationship! Decide what your outcome is going to be. Before approaching your partner, make a conscious decision to achieve an outcome no matter what it takes! Most people try to “wing” the conversation and end up in an argument. “My outcome is to be respectful and supportive regardless of how my partner responds to me!” “My outcome is to reconnect with my partner over the next couple of weeks and this is the first step.” Be intentional! This means be responsible for the energy/comments/reactions to bring to your partner. This is about you “creating” a moment, rather than reacting to the energy of your partner. If your intention is to…

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Positivity VS Maturity

Are YOU excited about 2017? I am, especially since 2016 was such an odyssey! Every day, it seemed like something amazing happened. A lot of frustrating things occurred as well. When people asked how I was doing, I’d sometimes smile and say, “I have the best of days and worst of days on the same day, every day!” It might sound strange to hear “Mr. Positive,” as some have called me, admitting he had a lot of frustrating occurrences last year. However, my goal is NOT to be “positive,” but to develop emotional maturity and strength of character! I believe this is more vital to your success and overall fulfillment! PLUS, I want to be totally honest with you about what it takes to make your life feel magical and worthwhile! Too many “experts” pretend that life is easy and you can get whatever you want without any effort at…

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Are You Talking Yourself into Success or Failure?

Recently, I’ve shared how you must update your belief system to improve your life. One of the fastest ways of doing this is through improving your inner voice. To transform your life into the success you want it to be, you’ll need to take the megaphone from that bullying voice in your head and hand it to the supportive, inspirational, and motivational cheerleader who’s been silent far too long. (If you don’t have a motivational cheerleader in your head, grab a copy of this book to help you create one.) Here’s the first step in the process: Arguing With Yourself Have you ever had a mental argument with yourself, like there are two of you inside your head battling it out? “I’m doing this! No you’re not, you’ll only get hurt! I’m hurting anyway. You’ll hurt worse!” Remember this: When you argue with yourself, you’ll always lose. The best defense against…

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How to Banish the BS and Design Your NEW Belief System

In a recent article, I described how our belief systems regarding self-worth are under assault from a very early age. In fact, by the time we reach age 18, we each withstand approximately 180,000 negative personal remarks! With such bitter roots running deep, it’s little wonder, then, that our self-confidence can be fragile. But I also noted that even in the face of self-limiting beliefs and constant negative self-talk, you can stop this BS cold and condition yourself to accomplish great things! I discuss this in detail in my e-book, Get Out of Your Way, but here is a quick look at how you can banish the BS and design your NEW belief system: Five New Beliefs Here is a simple mental exercise to help you define who you want to be, instead of dwelling on who you’ve been programmed to think you are. For this to work well, you’ll…

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