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4 Steps To Quickly Increase Happiness and Prosperity

A friend recently emailed me and asked what I’ve been doing that’s different since I seemed to be so much busier and happier. As I typed out a response, I thought what I’m doing might help YOU as well. My reply is below… Over the last few months, I’ve been working hard on clarifying what I want to do with my time, rather than being a slave to my schedule. Through this, I’ve realized the following:  To feel fulfilled at work or home, you need to…  1) Spend MOST of your time doing what you love.2) Develop a mission or purpose in life that includes bringing more VALUE into the lives of those around you. I was not doing so well on the first item (doing what you love) because I believed the stuff “I had to get done” was taking up ALL my time. Life seems busier than ever and it…

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How To Quickly Overcome A Setback!

How do you handle setbacks? Do you get angry? Scared? More determined? How you think about setbacks (things that don’t go the way you want them to) reveals a lot about your attitude. There isn’t one successful person who hasn’t had setbacks. They are a part of life. Sometimes, no matter what you do or how well you perform, things will just not go your way. I used to get really upset about deals falling through, clients not showing up, or another home appliance going on the fritz. Yet, the more I worked on myself, the more unattached I got to outcomes. All you can do is deliver your best effort. That’s it. If it doesn’t work out, try again. The secret to quickly overcoming setbacks is to focus on the value you are bringing and not on the outcome you get back! For example, if you are working with…

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What’s Holding You Back?

We have all felt blocked, stuck, or overwhelmed at times. The trick is to learn how to shift out of that limited mental state and quickly get back on track. Otherwise it can waste hours, days, and sometimes years, of your life. In this video, you’ll learn why we get stuck, what you can do to get your shift together, and where to find more resources to help you become a Shurr Success. Put these dates in your calendar. May 5-7, 2017. It’s my live 3-Day “Design Your Destiny Ultra-Success Weekend!” This is my signature training event. It’s been over a year since I’ve been able to offer this program again. I’ll be in Chicago all weekend, so I’ll get you the details when upon my return. Thanks for reading! Now watch the video. 🙂 Tim

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How To Get People To Like You!

Sales and communication expert, Tim Shurr, reveals how to make people like you more by being “others-focused” and asking questions about them.  

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How Do You Close More Sales?

Having a sales strategy will significantly increase your close rate. Here’s the formula I use. Find their pain Intensify the pain Provide a solution and add value Offer social proof Assume the sale Penalty for not taking action (create urgency) Follow up after the sale to create a raving fan   For a limited time, you can download a free copy of my E-Book, Increase Sales Through Relationships In 5 Easy Ways! Thanks for reading! Tim Shurr President, Shurr Success, Inc.

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#1 Way To Improve Your Thoughts!

We’ve all had negative thoughts. Your level of success and happiness will be determined by how well you master those thoughts. Are you in charge of your mind? Or is your mind (fearful thinking) controlling you? In this video, I’ll introduce a simple, yet powerful strategy for gaining control of your thoughts, so you can learn to use the power of your mind to create your life by design! Please make sure to SHARE this video with your friends and let’s stay connected on my other sites. Thanks and I hope your day is a Shurr ! Success Tim Shurr President, Shurr Success, Inc. PS, Want more? Click here -> PSS, I mentioned the Power Questions Handout in the video. Power Questions

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How To Motivate Yourself (Lesson 1)

At some point in your life, you will struggle with motivation. Whether you have a hard time getting started with a goal, or you’re burned out from the pursuit of one, the Motivation Mindset strategy in this 1st lesson will get you on track! It’s fun, easy, and you can quickly feel motivated to accomplish any goal. Just listen to how I motivate myself to do taxes… Make sure to leave a comment or join me on for the other Motivation Mindset Lessons. Thanks for visiting and I hope your day is a Shurr ! Success Tim Shurr, MAPresident, Shurr Success, Inc. 

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Designing Miracles – 4 Steps To Achieving Any Goal!

If you’d like to achieve your BIG goals faster and easier, check out this program I did for the Walk The Talk group ( at The Vogue in Indianapolis, IN. I share 4 specific steps for manifesting miracles in your life and personal success stories from those who have prospered from these prosperity principles. Enjoy! Want more? Click here.

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Is Your BS Keeping You Stuck?

  Your beliefs about yourself, others, and the world around you determine whether you will succeed or fail in life. Positive thinking is not enough because you won’t believe what you’re telling yourself. It’s like cutting the top off of a weed. You need to get to the root system or the weed will just keep growing back! In this video, I’ll teach you how to uncover self-limiting beliefs and upgrade them so you can fully become the brilliant human being that you are!   Want more? Click here.

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