Seeing the Invisible in Leadership

Don't Let Your Subconscious Behaviors Hold You Back From Ultra-Success as a Leader

Don't Let Your Subconscious Behaviors Hold You Back From Ultra-Success as a Leader

What you don’t know about yourself could have a devastating impact on your ability to lead others and maximize productivity. By recognizing and mastering your unconscious programming, you will transform the way you inspire individuals and teams, attract and retain top talent, and impact the bottom line.

The Invisible Seeing The Invisible will show you how.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to easily, quickly and consistently recognize your own hidden barriers. You cannot improve what you don’t know about yourself.
  • The smart way to use the 4 Pillars of Self-Mastery to quickly “retrain your brain” so you become a highly influential communicator.
  • Discover three strategies for boosting observational, social, and self-awareness so you act intentionally and resourcefully in every interaction.
  • Learn five high-octane tactics for increasing charisma, trust, and morale.

People can see right through you, whether you or they know it. We are constantly sending out subconscious cues that humans learned to interpret thousands of years ago as an act of survival. The cues you are sending in every interaction, every email, every call, every meeting, impact your ability to lead and motivate employees, and that employee’s desire to perform for you. Your subconscious, and often unconscious, attitudes about the other person and yourself (what you deserve, whether or not you respect them) are all being communicated by your choices and non-verbal communications in every moment.

In each interaction with colleagues and subordinates, you are either adding to the relationship OR tearing it down. Most leaders are unaware of their effect on other people, even when confronted with high turnover, low employee satisfaction scores, disrespectful communication between departments, and employee complaints. But when you understand what’s happening, you can take control of what drives you, and that single act will have an enormous impact on your ability to maximize potential in those you lead. Tim will help you and your team reach that level of understanding.

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