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Stop Smoking For Good! (CD)

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The Shurr ! Success Smoking Cessation System is one of the most effective programs on the market for helping you to stop smoking. It eases away cravings, eliminates common self-sabotages, and provides a time-tested system for “re-training your brain” to be smoke-free!

This system works so well because it reconditions your subconscious mind, the part of your brain that keeps you smoking, even at the risk of premature aging, sickness, and death.

The human brain does everything it can to avoid pain and gain pleasure. Between the social conditioning and physical additives in cigarettes, your brain associates massive pleasure to smoking and experiences pain (withdrawal) when trying to quit.

Add to this the many common self-sabotages smokers commit when trying to quit and you’ve got a powerful recipe for failures. You may have already tried several times without success. This is why.

Doctors recommend pills and patches, yet if you where going to quit drinking would you wear an alcohol patch? Pills won’t change bad habits and if you don’t have some kind of “healthy pleasure” when trying to quit, you’ll likely return to the habit.

Our Shurr ! Success system greatly assists you in all of these areas. Through utilizing the full power of your brain, you can immediately begin to think and behave as a non-smoker. You will also learn what to do instead of smoking to de-stress, feel more calm, and regain control.

Each Mind-Conditioning Session Will Help You:

– Deeply relax
– Break the emotional habit
– Improve mental awareness and focus
– Eliminate cravings and dramatically ease withdrawal
– Reduce stress
– Promote healthy eating habits

It also includes a relaxing and empowering affirmation program for driving and a Delta-Sleep Hypnosis program for getting sound, restful sleep!

Be more pleasant around others as you discover the most relaxing way to become someone who only breathes fresh, clean air! We even included wonderful suggestions for getting healthy so you don’t have to worry about putting on weight when you stop smoking.

Stop Smoking For Good as includes personalized and group coaching sessions so you get lots of additional tips, strategies, and tools that have helped countless others take back their health, money, and control!

Don’t lose any more time or money. Most people make their money back in one month from quitting smoking. Take action today and finally get the results you’ve been looking for!

Comes with a 90-day Money Back Guarantee! You’ve got nothing to lose except a life-threatening habit. Order this program now and do yourself and your family a big favor!

PS, This also greatly helps with eliminating chewing tobacco or other items you might smoke.