3 Reasons To Chose Me for Your Leadership Keynote Speaker:

    1. Your people will receive dozens of practical tools and strategies for creating the results and successes they desire! I’ve studied human behavior for almost three decades and have personally conducted over 10,000 personal coaching sessions. My keynotes, breakouts, and seminars address the exact struggles people experience at work and home and provide effective solutions for overcoming any obstacle!

    2. You’ll get an extremely high level of group participation as I take audience members through a series of thought-provoking experiences that create powerful transformations and a lasting ROI for your organization!

    3. We will have a blast while changing lives! People learn best when having fun, so my presentations are always infused with heart-felt stories and hilarious antidotes that leave people feeling motivated, inspired, and ready to apply what they’ve learned.



Partial Client List

“It gives me great pleasure to recommend Tim Shurr to you, if you are interested in enhancing and elevating the performance of your management, sales or operational teams.

We believe our success is reliant upon our ability to discover and service the changing needs of our customer base. Tim has conducted a number of workshops and presentations for our team related to understanding ourselves, our customers and creating the related skills necessary to enhance our value proposition.

Tim has the unique ability to challenge and motivate the participants with practical real-life examples. His preeminent level of observation allows him to customize the program to the participants in real time, which stimulates creative thinking and a problem-solving atmosphere. He presents in a fashion that causes participants to be at ease, but at the same time holds them with a sense of urgency that demands attention. He uses challenge, humor and a sense of intimacy to bring out active participation in the workshops.

Tim has been and will continue to be a valued asset in our quest to be our best!

Mark Tullis
President and CEO
North Central Cooperative

I wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for the time and effort that went into the excellent speaker event you put together for us this week. Your flexibility and willingness to incorporate specific aspects of our business goals and cultural focus areas were greatly appreciated. You delivered an amazing program on Everyday Innovation for our entire North American Division of Diabetes Care and everyone was thoroughly engaged and delighted with the insights and strategies you provided. I’d strongly recommend you and your presentation to anyone who’s seeking to expand their organizations potential by empowering each of their employees to be as innovative as possible in their work and personal lives.” Bob Jarosinski, Marketing Manager of Strategy & Innovation, Roche Diabetes Care

“Tim didn’t just grow our business. He made us better people!
                      Troy Hanna, President, Central Restaurant Products


“Tim provides amazing information that you can use RIGHT NOW to start empowering your life. I know that for me, I will see benefits for m business immediately.” – Michael Joesten, Vistage Chair Member


“I have been an educator for thirty-five years and have experienced many in-service presenters. Tim Shurr is one of the most informative, thought-provoking and truly motivational speakers that I have had the good fortune to experience. Every audience member participated and left the session feeling uplifted and ready to seize the day! I would recommend Tim Shurr to any organization seeking a hands-on, practical in-service experience that will motivate even the most reluctant staff member.“– Douglas M. Arnold, Ed.D. Superintendent – Maconaquah Schools

“Tim’s program is unequaled in his ability to create audience participation. We’ve brought him in as the main keynote at two of our national conferences. Our 700 guests are still buzzing about his last program! Chief John Buckman, III, Retired, Intl. Association of Fire Chief’s


DEFENDERS is so fortunate to get to work with Tim Shurr! Tim’s recent work with our 200 field leaders definitely lived up to his reputation as a world-renowned facilitator. I have work with hundreds of facilitator and presenters in my 20 years of leadership development work, and Tim is one of the all-time best. He has an uncanny way of immediately connecting with his audience and relating specifically to their needs. Our leaders commented that it was like he had known them and their day-to-day forever! Tim is an important partner to DEFENDERS and I have no doubt that when we contract him to work with a group of our leaders, he will exceed expectations!”  – Andrea Butcher, VP of Leadership Development, Defenders

Tim Shurr is a true motivator of enthusiasm and reasoning that incessantly depicts life’s challenges in an inspiring manner. His message constantly illuminates  pleasant realization to one’s self.” Richard Shields, Manager Tudor Services

Tim is an awesome teacher and his energy is out of this world. A+.” – Chris Rowland Investor

“Tim Shurr spoke at one of our local SHRM chapter meetings on Transformational Leadership. I was so impressed I bought his book and also recommended him to the President of our company as someone who could help our Management Team with leadership development. Tim conducted a day-long leadership training program with our Management Team – it was very well received! Tim’s positive impact on our KPI’s has been so impressive, we’ve retained his services for the last 4 years!” – Kerrie Lafky, SPHR, Human Resources Director, Central Products


I have seen Tim do presentations and when it comes to entertainment, he is absolutely AMAZING! He was able to have our associates do things I never thought possible. It was WONDERFUL!
I highly recommend Tim to do your next company event. He is excellent; one of a kind!”  – Sharon St.Myers, VP, Centier Bank

What an outstanding presentation! In one brief session, many in the group became more positive, enthusiastic, and motivated. Tim Shurr is a pleasure to work with!”Andrew Kyres VP Business Development Sand Ridge Bank


Since hosting one of Mr. Shurr’s powerful seminars, I have seen a dramatic increase in overall production and morale. I strongly recommend his programs to anyone seeking to reach their full selling potential!” – Genay Airey, ChFC, President, Airey Insurance

“Tim Shurr has done more for my practice, and me, in one month than those that I’ve worked with for years. Thank you Tim!” – Robert Ealy M.D.


“I have attended several of Tim’s motivational seminars. I always leave the experience with more ideas and energy than I had when I arrived!” – Thomas L. Chrzanowski Senior Manager, Clifton Gunderson

Tim has done a tremendous job delivering great motivational programs at a variety of our expo’s. He has also personally helped me to become a Shurr Success!” – Christine Neal, Owner, Target Promotions Special Events and Expo’s


This event really opened my eyes on how to overcome my personal barricades in sales. I have a tendency to be shy, with the tools taught to me, I feel like I can overcome this. I look forward to additional information to better myself and my profession.” – Todd Veden Tudor Services


“Tim truly made our Student Leadership Conference a huge success! He is a highly motivating and phenomenal speaker who brings the audience to life!” – Laura Burch Purdue University North Central F.A.C.E Committee Chairperson

“I first had the pleasure of seeing Tim Shurr’s presentation about a year and a half ago. I was very impressed. I didn’t see any way that he could improve his presentation. but I was wrong. This spring I was again fortunate enough to see him speak at our annual Health Insurance Summit. He was even more polished and innovative.” – Terrence D. McCullough RHU, LUTCF, Employee Benefits, Inc.

Tim Shurr is lifting up Northwest Indiana making it a viable place to live and work. His seminars are energetic and the informational strategies he teaches are interjected with his quick wit.” – Tammy Banasiak Ophthalmic RN

“Recently I had the privilege of attending one of Tim Shurr’s Seminars and I was blown away! That seminar has positively influenced every area of my life and Tim is without a doubt, one of my all-time favorite speakers and authors.” – Joe Bayer American United Life Insurance

The productivity of our sales force dramatically increased as a result of Tim’s seminars.” – Pete Briggs President Lake Mortgage.

“Tim’s presentation was a breath of fresh air to everyone in attendance. He did a fantastic job of inspiring and motivating everyone to look past the obstacles you have in your life. His approach is innovative and fresh and was a huge success. He really helped all of us visualize how to make things better in both our personal and professional lives and I would highly recommend him to coach and inspire any organization.” – William J. Voloch MBA Chief Financial Officer The Medical Center of Aurora

“I attended Tim’s class and it was absolutely amazing. I can’t say enough about how positive and enlightening it was for me. I learned so much. Tim made it all so easy to understand and his sense of humor made it fun. I haven’t been in an elevator in 30+ years and after my NLP weekend with Tim he helped me use the tools I learned and finally conquered my fear of elevators! That was so big for me. I would recommend his classes to anyone and everyone!” – Wendy Kuhn 

“I can’t believe how Tim can take a room full of cool, quiet, preoccupied people and within minutes have them ALL laughing, sharing, and getting excited. I deeply believe that everyone should have a Tim Shurr in their life!” – Mike Novakovich Owner Healthy Horizons Nutrition Center


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