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How Smiling Can Increase Sales By 30%!

You can begin increasing your sales just by smiling more and making eye-contact with those around you. When you look someone in the eye and smile, it sends a subconscious message to their brain that YOU are a nice person and likely someone who can be TRUSTED to do business with.

People tend to think they are too busy or too import to be bothered by acknowledging those around them, which is a BIG mistake and a HUGE opportunity for you! When you make the time to validate those around you by saying hello, smiling and making eye-contact with them for a second or two, or offering a compliment, their opinion of you skyrockets! When you don’t, it plummets!

I remember going to a very important interview to share my professional development programs with a committee. While people were gathering inside the conference room, I was out in the hallway looking over my notes. I noticed a gentleman standing by himself and he looked troubled. So I walked over and said, “Hey friend, you seem like you’ve got a lot on your mind. You ok? I said this while smiling and looking him in the eye.

He looked up at me and said, “Yeah, we’ve got a lot going on here and we’re upgrading some of our software.” I said, “That’s a big deal and it will be challenging at times, yet when it’s complete, the new software should hopefully make things much better, right?” He smiled and said, “That’s the plan.”

I offered my hand and introduced myself. He did the same and my heart jumped a bit when I realized he was the President of the company! When he recognized that I did not know who he was when I approached him, and that I noticed his frustration and approached him out of kindness, it sealed the deal in him mind that I walked my talk. Needless to say, I got the gig!

Today, purposefully make eye-contact with others and SMILE more. Do this at work and at home. If you do telephone sales, smile while talking on the phone and imagine making eye-contact with this customer in your mind. It will unconsciously improve your delivery through the warmth and compassion that will come through the tone, speed and volume of your voice.

Customers will like you more and your sales WILL improve!

Make today a Shurr ! Success



PS, Leave a comment below about a time when you smiled or made eye-contact and it made ALL the difference!

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