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#1 Way To Improve Your Thoughts!

We’ve all had negative thoughts. Your level of success and happiness will be determined by how well you master those thoughts. Are you in charge of your mind? Or is your mind (fearful thinking) controlling you?

In this video, I’ll introduce a simple, yet powerful strategy for gaining control of your thoughts, so you can learn to use the power of your mind to create your life by design!

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Tim Shurr
President, Shurr Success, Inc.

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PSS, I mentioned the Power Questions Handout in the video.
Power Questions

4 thoughts on “#1 Way To Improve Your Thoughts!

    1. Hi James, the video itself isn’t working or the techniques? If it’s the video, refresh your browser and try again. If it’s the technques, stick with them for a few days and then notice what has improved. When planting new seeds in the ground, you won’t see the growth above grown for a little while. You also won’t notice the root system that’s forming underneath the surface. Yet, keep watering those seeds and one day they will grow into a beautiful harvest. (In other words, keep practicing until you get better at refocusing your thoughts. It takes time, especially if your mind has many weeds.)

  1. Tim thank you so much, I have sent this to my team in hopes that you can get them all to a positive thought process as you have helped me do for so many years now.
    Do you remember our first sessions when you were in Merrillville?
    Wow so many years ago and I am so happy to have you back in my life.

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