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Tim Shurr, MA, is known as one of most sought after human potential and influence consultants in the midwest.

He is famous for helping top executives, managers, supervisors, and sales professionals quickly build trust, goodwill, cooperation, and a spirit of enthusiasm in companies, departments, and with customers!

This is accomplished through recognizing Subconscious needs and patterns of behavior in yourself and others so you can be a strategic “Force For Good” in your company, family, and community!

Tim is legendary at calling people on their issues in real time so resistance and internal sabotage get’s wiped out! Yet, it’s done in a way that empowers and lift’s up the individual(s), so they support your efforts instead of causing mutinies!

My SECRET to success is recognizing self-limiting beliefs and habits in others, providing direct FEEDBACK to those individuals, and offering lightening-fast solutions that generate immediate changes in behavior, communication, and productivity!

These “tools for influence” are so effective, you have to create or reinforce a culture built on values before giving these high-end persuasion techniques to people.

Otherwise, it’s like giving a machine gun to a 5-year old! Not a good idea. Goodwill get’s crushed when people are taken advantage of.

Corporate cultures are riddled with “CYA” attitudes, mistrust, and limited thinking (“We’ve always done it this way.”) Mergers, constant change, and ineffective communication skills constantly plague companies.

Those who invest in outside feedback and support are able to reach their company objectives, satisfy stockholders, and create a “Culture of Engagement!” Company executives who resist this tend to find themselves unemployed.

No matter how bad it might be, POSITIVE CHANGE IS POSSIBLE, and it can have an incredible impact on your growth and earnings potential!

Plus, it’s A LOT more FUN to spend a 1/3 of your life in a work environment that’s innovative, cooperative, and friendly! Instead of hanging around a bunch of grumpy complainers and blamers.

Why not be one of those courageous people who decide to take a chance and reach out for helpful feedback and advice. We’d love to hear from YOU. Call or email today and schedule a time to “Talk To Tim!” You’ll be glad you did.


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