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Reaching My Full Potential

Boost self-confidence, focus, and creativity. Eliminate self-sabotage and program yourself for total success!

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Skyrocketing My Business

Stand OUT from the crowd, improve charisma, ignite sales, and grow your wealth through relationships!

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Become A Mesmerizing Leader

Strengthen your ability to lead, inspire, and motivate others to reach their full potential!

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Improve My Health & Energy

Engage your mind to get in great shape so you are healthy, happy and fit for life!

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Train My Brain For Success

Learn time-proven mind techniques to achieve success in every area of your life!

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Build Stronger Relationships

Communicate effectively, build instant trust, and connect in a powerful way!

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Tim Shurr, MA, is President of Shurr ! Success, a Top Indy Motivational Speaker, and an internationally known expert in Human Behavior, Persuasive Communication, and Leadership Influence.

As a national and international Motivational Speaker and TV Personality, Tim equips business managers, sales teams, and customer service reps with advanced psychological tools that amplify engagement in both employees and customers!

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Is This You? Be Honest…

Do you feel like every time real success is within reach something happens and you’re back to square one?

  1. Do you fear that life is passing you by and your dreams are slipping through the cracks?
  2. Do you worry and stress about things that may or may not be out of your control – paralyzing you from reaching your full potential?
  3. Do you wish you could have the energy, stamina, and health it takes to live your success?
  4. Do you wish you had an experienced coach to help you get the things you want?

If so, you’re not alone. We have all felt this way. I Know How You Feel

Learn How To Get What You Want


Are You Talking Yourself into Success or Failure?

Recently, I’ve shared how you must update your belief system to improve your life. One of the fastest ways of doing this is through improving your inner voice. To transform your life into the success you want it to be, you’ll need to take the megaphone...

How to Banish the BS and Design Your NEW Belief System

In a recent article, I described how our belief systems regarding self-worth are under assault from a very early age. In fact, by the time we reach age 18, we each withstand approximately 180,000 negative personal remarks! With such bitter roots running deep,...


Tim provides amazing information that you can use RIGHT NOW to start empowering your life. I know that for me, I will see benefits for my business immediately.

– Michael Joesten, Life Success Consultant

Tim Shurr has done more for my practice, and me, in one month than those that I’ve worked with for years. Thank you Tim!

– Robert Ealy, M.D.

The productivity of our sales force dramatically increased as a result of Tim’s seminars.

– Pete Briggs, President Lake Mortgage

I heard Tim speak on Transformational Leadership. I was so impressed I bought his book and recommended him to the President of our company to help our management team with leadership development. Tim’s positive impact on our KPI’s has been so impressive, we’ve retained his services for the last 4 years!

– Kerrie Lafkey, SPHR, Human Resources Director, Central Restaurant Products

Tim Shurr is one of the most informative, thought-provoking and truly motivational speakers that I have had the good fortune to experience. I would recommend Tim Shurr to any organization seeking a hands-on, practical inservice experience that will motivate even the most reluctant staff member.

– Douglas M. Arnold, Ed.D. Superintendent – Maconaquah Schools