Top Leadership Strategist & Communication Expert Tim Shurr:

~ Accelerating Impact, Influence & Potential! ~

Clients who book top Indy motivational speaker, Tim Shurr, MA, for a leadership keynote speech benefit from a life-enhancing experience that produces sustainable positive outcomes long after the conclusion of your event! Tim is a master at capturing the imagination of audience members and equipping them with dozens of practical takeaways that produce instantaneous results!


Top Organizations Rely On Tim Shurr To Drive Productivity & Profits!

What Are You Seeking?

Tim Shurr, MA is a world-renowned expert in human motivation and influential communication! He captivates audiences with thought-provoking experiences that bring to light what drives human behavior so you can purposefully cultivate stronger relationships with colleagues and customers! Tim’s power-packed leadership, sales, and culture-strengthening keynotes and seminars skyrocket motivation, engagement, and measurable RESULTS!


TIM SHIFTS UNCONSCIOUS BELIEFS & HABITS!You will have a profound, life-changing experience discovering what drives your behavior at an unconscious level, while being equipped with 21st Century human performance technology that massively accelerates positive outcomes for you and your organization! We will elevate your self-awareness, charisma, and others-focused communication skills, so YOU become a force for good at work and home!”  Tim Shurr, MA


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